Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Year-End School Holidays

this year's school holidays seem relatively better than last year's. last year i had a massive culture shock. it was the first time i was alone with the boys 24/7. it was the first time they actually had a holiday, able to get up late, sleep late (11pm at the latest), not having to go to daycare. there was times when i screamed so loud the whole street could hear me, i locked them out of the house, i cried, i locked myself in the room. it was horrible.

this year, it was better. the first week of school holidays didn't feel like a holiday because amir & asyraf started their 3-week holiday camp at the nearby mosque. ariff & akmal had another week of school to replace the kindy closure during the haze and during raja haji week. it was this week that i went out to get the first batch of school stuff.

the second week we went for a holiday and in the third week, amir & asyraf went back to their holiday camp. so three weeks out of the six & a half weeks ticked off with no screaming. during these three weeks hubby was still on medical leave so things were bearable.

mummy vs 4 boys only started in the fourth week of school holidays. it wasn't too bad as i had massive help from the iPods and the ps3. time seems to float by with them around. i would alternate between gadgets and outdoor activities (when the weather permits) and doing exercises on activity books.

a couple of times a week, i took the boys out to nowhere specific. we went to do a bit of clothes shopping, book shopping at the big bad wolf sale, pool birthday party, grocery shopping, finalizing school stuff, low-key things like that.

generally we stayed home, the boys playing in their playroom in the morning before moving to the tv room for some movies in the afternoon. usually after lunch they get a bit antsy and i get a bit pissed but nothing a kick-a-bout outside can't solve.

we've got a week left (4 days actually what with the holidays wedged in) before schools resume. we're pretty much done with preparing the school stuff, just need to get the boys on track with waking up, especially ariff & akmal who have been sleeping late everyday.

*can't wait for the next school holidays and the year-end school holidays*

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