Wednesday, December 18, 2013

School 2014 Preparation

i always like to start school preparation early on during the year-end holiday. one is, well, i like to see my list getting shorter and shorter. two, i might miss out a few things and it takes forever to get things here and there (that one missed-out item takes longer to be settled than the long list of things). three, i hate the following up (sew on badges, labeling books, wrapping books) and i procrastinate (tremendously!) doing them. so, considering those, i started really early this year.

uniforms were first on the list because they were the most to get. this year i had to get 9 white shirts, 6 blue pants, 15 (yes fifteen!!) sets of baju melayu, sampings, songkoks, track bottoms, socks and belts. those are just part A. hubby and i went to get them in the first week of school holidays because the boys had activities. better for it be just us to get that many stuff. luckily, the uniform were sold nearby the stationeries, so i got them too - colour pencils, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pencil cases. 6 sets of each (extra pencils, erasers and sharpeners). ok, so part A and B settled on the same day, yeay!

the day after, we spent looking for shoes. 7 pairs this time. 6 white pairs (2 pairs each) and a black pair for amir, who have been appointed a prefect. we also grabbed school bags, only 5 bags first because we couldn't find a second bag for amir & asyraf. surprisingly FOS had good school bags. got ariff's and akmal's bags there. amir & asyraf's second bag we only managed to get this week. i brought them along to choose this time around - asyraf easier than amir who was a bit particular and didn't like most that he saw. part C done!

then came the part i don't like - sewing on badges. i sent to the wrong place this time. cost more than double the normal place. and they took longer to get them done too! i'll definitely go back to the old place next year. i like the different coloured hangers for different boy.

unfortunately, the school bookstore started selling books really late this year, 15 days before the school to be opened! extremely late for my taste. and they had a lot of books not in stock. if you want to start selling so late, at least make sure you have enough stock. everyone's fighting to prepare everything in that short time. i went on the 2nd day the bookstore started selling and less than half of the year 3 were ready. i really don't want to go back until school starts, so i guess the boys need to start off the school year with incomplete set of books. lets hope they re-stock quickly. i managed to get sports t-shirts on the same day, though.

so 2 weeks before school is to resume, i've settled uniforms, stationeries, bags and three-quarter of the books. big relief as the boys have prepared their bags and kept them nicely in their wardrobe. on to the first day of school…

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