Friday, December 20, 2013

Kitchen Appliances

i've always wanted a fully functional kitchen equipped with all types of appliances. my old kitchen was excellent, i had a huge island which i used for practically everything, from unloading groceries to cutting and chopping to feeding the boys to doing arts & crafts to even getting them to take their naps on it. it was the centre of action but i didn't have time to fully utilize it, especially for cooking.

so when we moved, i tried to transform the dream into reality, have a kitchen that i would use regularly…on a daily basis. and in order to do that, the lazy me needs a lot, and i mean a lot!, of kitchen appliances. my list is probably as long as the list of furniture for the whole house. of course, not everything can be ticked off due to budget constraints, of course.

for now, i've gotten these items. and they're very helpful. i definitely want more and the space begs to be filled but for now, i'm happy with what i have.

i wanted this for so, so long. i love fruits and juices. i'm not adventurous and don't eat a lot of types of fruits but what i like, i eat in massive quantities. i'm a very basic fruit eater - apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, grapefruits, mangoes the like. i hardly venture out of my comfort zone. the juicer i bought is being utilized for just general juices but is being utilized regardless.

i was recommended a breville juicer but i couldn't find it when i went shopping. i got myself a philips instead. its easy to use, very fast, easy to clean and assemble (except for one part) and is very clean.

my eyes lit up when i saw this 4-slice toaster. morphy richards have a range of bright and attractive coloured toasters but the 4-slice was the deciding factor. we are bread-eaters and my boys are impatient. to be able to toast 4 slices of bread at one is wonderful.

this kettle came as a matching set to the toaster. nothing significant on why i bought this other than ariff wanted red appliances for the whole kitchen.

i ordered this online when i saw it was from the same range as the toaster & the kettle. i'm still waiting for it to arrive, soon, hopefully.

i was torn between the stand mixer and hand mixer. to own a kitchen aid stand mixer would be totally wow but a hand mixer would be more practical as i hardly bake or need a mixer regularly. i would love to have one to complete the toaster-kettle-blender set but they don't sell it over here. so i opted for the k-mix orange.

10 years ago i really, really wanted a deep fryer. times changed and recently i really, really wanted an airfryer. its easy to use, good to prepare quick food for the boys, doesn't use oil, clean to use and relatively easy to clean. ok maybe the grill-net thingy isn't the easiest to clean, may become sticky but its not such a big deal when the food actually come out wonderful. fries are crispy and light and not soggy. nuggets perfectly browned (amir says they taste like mcd nuggets). fried chicken evenly cooked and comes off the bone just nice (if you use low temperature first followed with high temperature to cook the outer part).

i haven't tried it for anything else, apparently you can even bake muffins and cook curries but my main reason of buying the airfryer was to use less of the frying pan and oil and that's what i'm doing for now.

rice cooker
so this is lame. the fact that i never paid attention to rice cookers before. i got quite a few as wedding gifts and have been using them. those simple ones with silver-ish covers. kinda make me feel like i can't cook rice because there were times when they come out too watery. very malu okay, not knowing how to cook rice properly. then i decided to splurge a bit for a new rice cooker. kinda ex for a rice cooker but so far, its been lovely to use. if only it came in red. ok…still lame.

there's more on my list that i would like to get - coffee maker, food processor, new set of pots and pans, new sets of plates and bowls (are those considered kitchen appliances?).

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Eta said...

argghhh nak airfyer jugakkk!!!!
dari june i dok nak beli ke tak.. nak beli ke tak... huhuhu.. tgk your post.. rasanya kena beli!!!! huhu


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