Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yet Another

twice in a year and twice 'almost', that makes it four attacks in a year. this is the worse so far that hubby's suffered. each time have been very draining, trying to ensure he is alright while keeping an eye on the boys. made even worse with the number of attacks that has happened this year.

this time, it happened while he was alone in the room. i was with the boys, preparing them for school, singing happy birthday to asyraf, which incidentally was hubby's last memory before it happened, hearing the birthday song. i waited for hubby to finish getting ready but he took so long that i started to get worried. i looked for him and found him on the floor. as i opened the door, he sat up, looking confused and couldn't speak. my first question to him was 'you kena lagi ke?' yeah well, not the brightest of questions but what can you actually say at that time.

i called for amir as i needed another pair of hands to get hubby to the bed. it was the first time amir's seen hubby post-attack. he remembers the incident in the car 3 years ago but the boys were brought out of the car before hubby came to. this time he saw how hubby was after the attack. and amir being amir, after helping hubby to the bed and his daddy was ok, left the room to cry. he told us last night that he was shocked and scared to see hubby unable to remember him, what day it was, why amir was dressed as he was, where amir was going. he couldn't understand why hubby couldn't talk and was acting the way he did.

much as i don't want to put a heavy burden on the shoulders of an eight year old, i prepared amir with the thought that he may need to be the one to take care of hubby, if i am not around. so i have been doing some reading to share with him.

epilepsy is a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. electrical activity happens in the brain all the time. a seizure happens when there is sudden burst of intense electrical activity. this intense electrical activity causes a temporary disruption to the way the brain normally works, meaning that the brain's messages become mixed up. this results in an epileptic seizure.

a person with epilepsy has had two or more unprovoked seizures, regardless of seizure type. there are many types of epilepsy depending on the age, seizure type, doctor's findings, family history and neurological history.

most doctors recommend that persons with epilepsy get adequate sleep. insufficient sleep or disrupted sleep can trigger a seizure. for persons with epilepsy, lack of proper sleep can increase their chances of having a seizure or increase the intensity and duration of a seizure. a seizure is an excessive surge of electrical activity in the brain that usually lasts from a few seconds up to a few minutes.

for now, both are on the mend. hubby rested a lot yesterday and amir had time to digest what he saw and what he will face. both are coping well, insyaAllah.

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Sedih lak i baca ni salina


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