Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sports Day 2013

ariff and akmal had their sports day recently. kind of a low key event if compared to the previous years' sports day held by bicdc. nevertheless, the boys had loads of fun.

it was supposed to be held on a saturday but was moved to friday. not so good for us as we also had report card day for amir & asyraf. we couldn't plan until we had the sports day schedule but they didn't follow it so we had to miss a bit.

the sports day started with the students' march from their classes to the car park, where they then took the sports day pledge.

then it was ariff and his four friends giving taekwando demonstration. it was nice to see what they've learned the past year. a bit sad for ariff when he had to hit the board with his right hand because he's a leftie and his right hand hurt quite a bit after the show.

then as we made our way to the car to rush to SRA to pick up amir & asyraf's report cards, i noticed that akmal and his classmates were lining up for their event. so i went back in to watch them. the three classes had two games to play - making the gingerbread mad and cracking the dinosaur eggs. akmal wasn't lively during both games and looked like he wasn't sure of himself. a bit weird because he was telling us what he would be doing the whole week coming up to the event.

unfortunately, at the same time, ariff had his game at the back of the school so we had to miss it. hubby had already left to collect the report cards. i went to look for ariff, while akmal was getting ready to collect his trophy, and saw ariff having a snack with his friends. i felt bad for him as i didn't get to see him doing his game.

i went back to the hall just in time to see akmal going up the stage. then he left with his classmates to have their snack and the six-year-olds came over to collect their trophy.

the whole event came to a close at around 10.30am. a short sports day for ariff and akmal this year.

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