Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hari Kecemerlangan Pelajar 2013

so many school events nearing the end of the school year. while last week was kindy sports day, SRA report card day and SK open day, this week is kindy year-end party and the SRA prize giving ceremony.

sending the boys to SRA (amir initially) was because i was working and did not want amir to stay at transit the whole morning, without doing anything. i wasn't too keen on sending to SRA but rather than wasting his time while waiting for school to start in the afternoon, i would rather he gain knowledge and learn and better himself. so it was a pretty last minute decision, sending amir to SRA. we found that it doesn't really tire him out and he benefitted greatly from going to SRA, therefore asyraf followed suit.

alhamdulillah, this year both showed good results in SRA, much better than their performance in primary school, honestly. on the last friday of the school year, we attended the prize giving ceremony where both received awards - amir for being the class monitor and best student in jawi, while asyraf for being the class monitor. hopefully getting the awards this year will encourage and propel them to do better next year, insyaAllah.


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