Friday, November 22, 2013

Asyraf Turns 7

after he ended his first year in primary school, asyraf finally turned seven years old. for 6 weeks, i could entertain the idea of having twins in the family, as ariff turned six a month before asyraf had his birthday.

asyraf's birthday celebration started with me singing him the birthday song in the morning and had to be put on hold when hubby had his attack. the plan for dinner was tentative, the plan for birthday present was totally put aside, there wasn't even birthday hugs and kisses going around that morning.

but as hubby started to feel better by the second half of the day, we made more concrete plans for a birthday dinner and present. while dinner would proceed, asyraf's birthday present had to wait till the next day when hubby felt strong enough for a trip to the mall.

as usual, we went over to chili's for dinner. a familiar place and the boys know what they wanted even before we left the house. usually we would ask the waiters to sing for the birthday boy but we weren't up to it that day. and asyraf didn't want the normal birthday dessert they brought, he wanted his cheesecake with strawberry sauce so we ordered that and sang quietly for him.

the next day, we dropped by setia city mall to get asyraf's present - ps3 fifa14 and added the lego batman game. asyraf was over the moon and was jumping around in the car on the way back. once we got home, we didn't see him at all until dinner time. guess he really loves the present. well, he loves it so much he even promised never to take off his glasses, so that's saying a lot!

asyraf izzuddin, you've been really lovely in teaching us the importance of being patient but maybe you can tone down the drama king act a little bit, yeah?

my seven year old footballer throughout the year...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Asyraf !!!! :) Biler nak jumpoe Uncle Andy?


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