Wednesday, October 23, 2013

There Is Still Good In The World

we bought the boys an iPod...each. i was going to blog about it (because it does deserve its own entry) but just as i was putting the words together in my head, ariff's iPod went missing. he couldnt remember where he left it. it was either at home or at the hospital. we tried face timing, hoping we can hear it beeping. but it was neither in the hospital room or anywhere at home.

then a couple of days ago, i saw a note in this blog, from someone who said he has ariff's iPod with him. our first thought was, how...then when...then where. then it was, how do we get it back, will we be ambushed if we set up a time and day, all weird thoughts went through our heads. then it was, how did they find us. thank God for the engraving we did at the back of the iPod and to google, which probably led the finder to this blog.

anyway, we contacted the person, hubby arranged for a time to meet and we got the iPod back. honestly, he was so decent looking that we felt so bad for all the negative thoughts that we had (sorry, but we couldn't help it). we couldn't even meet properly with hubby having difficulties getting in and out of the car, and with the boys in tow. we met him, thanked him profusely and we left.

but his kindness left a mark in our hearts. sometimes there's so many bad stories going around on the net, its good to have an act of kindness to show that there is still good in the world. so for haziq thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. we can only repay your kindness with prayers for you and your family, may Allah shower His blessings on you, insyaAllah.

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zieq...:D said...

Thank you pn.salina :')


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