Friday, October 25, 2013

Smaller Birthdays In October

yes...the parents do have birthdays. just not 'gempak'-ly celebrated like the boys'. plus as both parents' birthdays fall in the same month as ariff's, they are celebrated low-key-ly. mine is 3 days after ariff's while hubby's comes 8 days after mine. we usually have a combined dinner and gifts are seldom given as they would cancel out each other.

this year, we went out for dinner on my birthday, as hubby's would be celebrated in the hospital. though i think the boys forgot the dinner was for my birthday, they were more interested in the halloween deco at the table. for the first time in 12 years that i've known hubby, i actually asked for a gift - a bracelet no less! i've never done this and it feels weird but i really wanted a pandora bracelet so yeah!

*the football charm is for asyraf, the london taxi is for ariff & the heart is for hubby. i owe myself two more charms for amir & akmal.

errr...i havent actually bought hubby anything tho, i just realised that. nanti-nanti lah ye. the boys happily made cards for him the night before, excited to surprise him at the hospital.

a birthday song for hubby from asyraf, ariff & akmal...

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