Monday, October 14, 2013

BiCDC Annual Concert 2013

its that time of the year again when the boys start humming various songs, dance quietly in the shower, recite speeches and watch old concert cds non-stop. and again, one of the eais, a pre-3 student, will be on stage til the very end of the show (which means no early running for us).

this year, ariff took part in 3 shows - the 'be our guest' opening with his fellow sailor's club shipmates, choral speaking with his his bounty classmates and the class performance tribute to p. ramlee. of course, the pre-3 students went up on stage at the end for a final send off, joined by other students and teachers and parents.

ariff, being ariff, dont tell us much about his performances. he loves performing but never shares. he practises quietly and would find excuses when we ask him to recite the opening for his show.

akmal had 2 performances - 'zip-a-dee-doo-dah' with his class, britannia, and 'i like to move it' pre-1 finale together with titanic and columbus. he talks about his performance but gets all closed off when we ask him to practise in front of us. 'izzat malu', he would say. but on the day, he wasn't shy at all, being right in front with his best friend, nuha.

the boys came home all exhausted but happy, already asking for their copy of cd to reminisce. oh, another year of bicdc concert on the telly...

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zieq...:D said...

puan ibu kepada engku ariff iqhwan?
saya haziq, ada terjumpa ipod touch yg ada tulis nama engku ariff iqhwan (08102007)...
saya jumpa ipod ni di KPJ Damansara..


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