Monday, October 21, 2013

Back In Our Second Home

been a long time since we've been here. we used to check in here on a monthly basis until akmal was in his second year. this time its not for any of the boys but for hubby. ironically, the last time we checked in here back in 2011 was for hubby.

mr 'no contact sports only applies to my right knee' went in for his fourth, yes you read it correctly, fourth knee operation. this time its the ACL in his left knee (the last was his right knee).

everyone was dreading this surgery. hubby because its no 4 and he's slowly creeping to his 40th year when recovery slows down. me because it'll be me vs four boys + another. the boys because they'll miss school every now and then because i'll be on one of my home-hospital runs.

but once hubby was admitted and went for the surgery, it wasn't too bad. it was a somewhat short and quiet week with Raya Haji falling on tuesday. traffic was relatively smooth so i wasn't too stressed driving 3 times a day between home and the hospital. ariff and akmal had an extra day off so i could discount two pick ups off from my daily school trips. exams were over so amir & asyraf could miss school a couple of times. and the boys were old enough to help out at home and, most importantly, keep hubby company in the hospital - should have let one of them stayed over earlier because hubby almost had his fit on the second day of his stay (he couldn't get a good sleep the night after the surgery).

its coming up to the sixth day since the surgery, things are not too bad. he complains of throbbing pain, obviously, but says its much better than his previous surgery. he can bend his knees better, can move around better and can do more things. i don't feel as tired as the previous surgery too. driving back and forth to the hospital wasn't too bad and the boys weren't too difficult to handle. now everyone's back home and we're slowly adjusting to the small changes that the surgery had brought about.

amir & ariff taking turns keeping daddy company at the hospital

the boys during their daily visits..


zieq...:D said...

puan ibu kepada engku ariff iqhwan?
saya haziq, ada terjumpa ipod touch yg ada tulis nama engku ariff iqhwan (08102007)...
saya jumpa ipod ni di KPJ Damansara..

eiseai said...

salam haziq, saya ada contact haziq via FB & email re ipod ariff yang trrtinggal di DSH. mintak tolong reply either one. terima kasih byk2

zieq...:D said...
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zieq...:D said...
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