Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#9 (20/06/2013)

pretty much a lots been done. i've been informed that most of the work will be settled end of june, at the very latest first week of july. i can see that its going nicely, underneath the dust and rubble and covers and what nots.

for the bedrooms, the flooring is pending. they're getting in laminated flooring in as they cant find the similar flooring, they are no longer in production. cant believe how huge the rooms look like now.

plaster ceiling have gone up for the living and dining. bookshelves and linen closet above the respective areas have also started to go up, not fully done but frames are there. the drawers and doors are still ongoing.

the pebble-filled courtyard is also settled. its been tiled and 'pebble wash'ed. we decided last minute to add tiles between the living and tv area, in front of the deck. they're almost done with that, i saw earlier.

generally the whole house needs a good coat of paint. almost all rooms need them, the entrance need them too as there's shoe prints (prolly left by the guards) and the close off balconies would no doubt need them.

so...two weeks and counting, insyaallah...

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