Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#7 (07/06/2013)

been a week and the changes have been pretty significant. i went inside on monday, the house is extremely dusty and noisy (sorry neighbors!) i couldn't go upstairs because the bulk of the work is being done there.

i drove by today, the balconies that have been closed up, have been walled, windows are already in place. for the external parts, i think painting is pending. for internal parts, i think more work is coming - plaster ceiling, electrical works, flooring (which i heard is a major problem). hopefully they can get everything to match, or almost match, as in the case of the kitchen tiles.

i heard that the foyer cabinets were supposed to be installed yesterday. kinda excited to see them but, as i said, i cant go upstairs. but a quick check from the living and dining area shows that they haven't been installed. they're putting up walls at the area now though. i think the plaster ceiling will be installed soon.

i saw the planters box that was built next to the front door, nice entrance effect.

i've only got a couple of pictures today. i wanna see some more but not with the boys around.

a couple more things to get underway soon - the kitchen and the garden, hopefully by end of the month, or at least works on the garden will be ongoing by end of the month. on our side, curtains by mid-end of this month and lighting by early next month.

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