Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#6 (31/05/2013)

went to see the progress today. the work on the balcony is very much under way. hacking, walling (is that the word?), windowing. the main guy said there's no more hacking to be done on the house. oh wow...that's fast (or is it because there's not much work in the first place?)

anyway, currently 2 balconies have been walled up. the rooms look much bigger!

we've discussed with the main guy about wardrobe in the bedrooms. i was thinking of going around to see potential wardrobe makers towards the end of june but then i thought, why don't we just ask the main guy to do. at least he can envision how each room would look like while doing his work and he can adjust his timeline accordingly.

for the boys' rooms, we pretty much know where the wardrobe will be place according to the layout of the rooms. for the master bedroom however, the main guy suggested a walk-in wardrobe near the bathroom (when i initially wanted to put the wardrobe where the balcony used to be) complete with drawers and cubicles. i like his suggestion but would like to do away with some and add others. with this, i wouldn't need to get a chest of drawers cum tv cabinet for the master bedroom, which is good.

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