Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#5 (30/05/2013)

so the first guy's finished his task, the dry kitchen looks pretty much how its supposed to look like (sans the cabinet, that is). he finished all the tiling and plastering work, added cornice to hide the wires pulled from the fuse box to the wet kitchen and painted the ceiling at the breakfast nook to match the overall kitchen.

at the end of today, the dry kitchen looks like this...

they couldn't find exact tiles so they chose the nearest matching ones...

the kitchen cabinet guy have been pushing us to make a decision on the drawings he submitted soon. i dont like being pushed. according to my timeline the kitchen should be up in august. its 2 months ahead of time and my timeline and budget's gone haywire due to this.

the wet kitchen is totally on hold for now. that i will continue again after all the main work has been completed or is near completion.

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