Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#4 (27/05/2013)

the main guy came in today. he has started clearning off the pebbles at the courtyard. he's going to tile up the area and install pebble wash borders to match the porch (i cant for the life of me recall how the porch looks like - i gotta find some pictures).

he'll be closing off the balconies in all the rooms. once that is done i can call the wardrobe people to measure as i'll be putting the wardrobes where the balconies are. he will also install plaster ceiling at the living and dining as they currently open up to the first floor. by putting up plaster ceiling we can use the space upstairs for storage. we decided to have a linen closet at back, above the dining room, and a bookshelf in front, above the living room.

he will also close off the fish pond outside and put up a deck. this is not a permanent deck as we may open up and utilise the fish pond later in the future.

these are the main areas he will be looking into...

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