Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#3 (26/05/2013)

its been 10 days. the first person have gone in and almost gone out. he was supposed to finish everything yesterday but he said he was waiting for tiles to arrive. so he's requested for another day to finish off the tiling work where the door towards the wet kitchen have been closed off, tiling work around the border of the breakfast area and paint work at the ceiling of the breakfast area (as it was initially another room, now it has to match the kitchen as its part of the kitchen). so more day for him to complete.

in the meantime, the main guy will start work tomorrow. he says he wanted to start with closing off the court yard but i thought that should be done at a later stage and his workers will be moving in and out through the court yard. i would prefer if he starts with closing off the balconies so that i can get the wardrobe and curtain people over to measure and quote.

the dry kitchen, at various stages...

almost-completed, as at 25/05/2013

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