Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#2 (15/05/2013)

the first of the two will commence his work today. he will concentrate more on the dry kitchen as for now, only the dry kitchen has been finalised. the wet...well, we need to discuss that further.

my first vision was to have a full kitchen in the dry kitchen - preparation, cooking, cleaning all in there, with an island (i can't miss that!) and my must-have for this one, a breakfast nook. it wasn't easy convincing everyone i wanted a breakfast nook. first, a wall had to be knocked down and knocking down a wall scared everyone. and then budget needed to go up - knocking down, breakfast counter, retiling etc - all costs money. but i managed to rally support and i got what i really, really wanted.

but then i was given another design that i was not expecting. i had to go away and get my head around it but it turned out not to be a big change to deal with. my dry kitchen wont be all-inclusive (ie cooking will be in the wet kitchen) and my wet kitchen wont be the pantry i envisioned but, like hubby would say, whatevs. its not going to put a big dent in our lives and we'll just move around it.

but to have the cooking in the wet kitchen requires a bit of work so that's been put on hold. we're concentrating on the dry kitchen now. what the first guy will do is hack the wall between the kitchen and the utility room to make a corner for my breakfast nook. close off one of the doors to the wet kitchen (there's two doors because initially the wet kitchen was divided into two). retile and paint where necessary. he offered to do some wiring work, ie pull wires from the dry to the wet kitchen but i told him not to overdo it as we havent finalised the design of the wet kitchen.

what the original dry kitchen looks like ...

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