Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#16 (30/08/2013)

getting the furniture for the whole house at one time can be a daunting task. and stressful. yet easy. different emotions come up at different times. sometimes you want something totally different but end up looking at similar things but sometimes its better to just get all at one place and tick off many things.

try as i might to sectionalise i do end up getting similar things. and going back to the same shops again and again hah! i tried to make things easier by getting some sets reupholstered. that way some rooms can be ticked off even before we move. the old living room set will be moved to the tv room downstairs. a set of wing chairs will complement the new living room sofa and another two wing chairs will make up the furniture in the master bedroom. all reupholstered where i booked the curtains, done!

the living room set is from fella. from the sofa to the coffee table, side tables and consoles, all are fella produced.

tv cabinets and small side tables and chest of drawers all come from ikea. as with the playroom stuff.

we got a good deal at a shop behind our house for beds and side table for the master bedroom. we also got a nice 8-seater for the dining room and a table for the breakfast area there.

very minimal furniture. bought at less than five shops. will add more obviously but i'm not big on many furniture around the house so adding more will probably take ten years haha.

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