Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#13 (24/07/2013)

the one i've been anxiously waiting for. a bit of a hiccup midway but works out in the end. my white and black kitchen. ok maybe it doesn't flow that well with the existing tiles in the background but i wasn't going to compromise my dream kitchen to follow the developer's choice, neither was i going to break down every single tile to match my dream kitchen.

there's no island this time around as i didn't feel like walking around a big cabinet in the middle of the kitchen even though it was promised to be a smaller one than the one we currently have. plus i planned for a breakfast area that can be used as per an island. so no reason to have two of something similar.

it took them only a day to install the cabinets. the table top came slightly later, together with the bottom of one of the cabinet and one of the cabinet doors, which is apparently of the wrong size (eh?). they promised it would be done during the weekend but one of the counters was of the wrong size so they had to take it back to be altered. by mid-week, it was finally settled.

i keep going round the current kitchen, trying to envision fitting everything in. i got a bit of a scare because i didn't think the new one would fit everything but i had forgotten the wet kitchen. that would store all the pots and pans and cooking utensils and all. so phew *wipes brow*

and the breakfast nook that i've been dreaming about...macam lah forever but only since i decided to knock down the utility room wall...

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