Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#12 (16/07/2013)

nothing much has moved this week. still pending flooring and storage, which will only be ready in a couple of weeks so it looks like the place is still topsy turvy. but once those are done, it'll look almost complete. makes a lot of difference just two unchecked items on the list.

for this week there's two major tasks to be completed, namely the lighting and the kitchen. past two days was installing lights. the house looks so nice all lit up. there's more to be done, however, as some of the lights are faulty, some don't come in a complete set, some covers were cracked and some just didn't suit the house, so i had to go back and forth to the lighting shop. the electrician settled everything in 3 days because of the changing of lights and all.

after going through the whole house, we realised that we may need to change the dining room lights to make the space more elegant. the light currently in the dining room will be moved to the guest room. the minor moving of lights will be done later, maybe after we move in.

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