Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#11 (05/07/2013)

lets take a breather from the 'hard' work and look at the softer side of DP.

i spent a whole day sunday ordering duvet covers, pillowcases and wall deco for the bedrooms and playrooms. they arrived, staggered, within the space of a couple of weeks.

for the master bedroom, which has dark colour wardrobe and furniture.

for amir & asyraf's room. they decided on avengers theme. i asked them to add another to the list, asyraf chose spiderman and amir chose batman. but i bought only spiderman as i couldn't find a good batman duvet cover set.

for ariff & akmal's room, its thomas all the way.

for now, the wall deco are still in transit. hopefully they will get here soon...

we have also purchase the lights for the house. not bad...two hours job to decide on 65 light points. pretty good i should say. we've got an electrician coming in some time next week to install them.

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