Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#10 (01/07/2013)

since been a month and a half since we started working on DP. and its almost done. i would safely say, 80% of what was intended can be ticked off. the last i went over to see was 10 days ago and within that time, they have painted the ground and first floor, put up most of the storage space, tiled up the outside, settled the balcony work.

initially we only wanted to paint the 'affected areas'. then i asked for all rooms they worked on to be painted - wanted more than just the 'affected areas'. then we decided to paint the whole of the first floor.  finally we added the ground floor to the mix as we saw a lot of cracks and wanted to cover them.

basically the whole of the ground floor, inside and outside, have been settled. paint works, plaster ceiling, dry kitchen stuff, take away the pebbles and tile up the courtyard area, close of the pond and put up deck and cement & tile the area in front of the deck. they even threw in a planter's box next to the front entrace as it looked a bit bare initially. i think the only thing that is ongoing for the ground floor are the kitchen cabinet (which i have finalised a week ago) and the breakfast area.

for the first floor, they have put up 2 storage space. the linen closet above the dining area and the bookshelves above the living area (though i think there's some error with the size of bookshelves that they are amending). they have not put up the storage area in the playroom and we are currently discussing the wardrobe in all the bedrooms. we just started working on that last week but they are confident that all wardrobe will be installed before the end of the month.

the major work is closing all three balconies. that took most of the time and labour. they've settled most of the work, i think, except for the flooring. they had a wee bit of a problem getting the flooring that would match the current ones so we had to resort to a 90% match, but its good enough, i think. no point  in pushing for exact match that cost a bomb. we can always work around it.

work on the garden have also started. that one i will not get into. they are a bit pushy and i cannot handle people being pushy. but as of today, i see that they have done quite a bit of work and are starting to plant the carpet grass. i think they want to finish off before fasting month begins next week.

i hope to be able to send cleaners over and purchase a few things so that i can tick off more things on the list. there are some things i know are not achievable but will try to do as much as i can so that i dont need to exert myself during the fasting month.

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