Monday, September 30, 2013

DP#21 (28/09/2013) Majlis Doa Selamat

alhamdulillah, six weeks after our move to DP, we had our majlis doa selamat. it was late, yes, but we moved in immediately after hari raya aidilfitri, weekends in syawal was packed. we arranged for the earliest saturday after syawal with the imam of the nearby mosque. we only invited a few people over, my parents, the neighbors on the same street and a few of hubby's friends. we called on the students from the tahfiz school at the old mosque to make it a more memorable event.

in the morning we cleared the furniture in the living room, waited for the caterer, hubby prepared some angpau for the tahfiz students and arranged for a bus to pick them up from the mosque and send them back after. it didnt rain, even though it had been raining for a few days before that. food was excellent and we had no wastage.

the majlis was short and sweet and went very well, alhamdulillah.

i ordered specially printed surah yassin, which coincidently matched the canopy the caterer prepared.

we're planning a housewarming for family and friends in a couple of weeks, insyaAllah.

Monday, September 02, 2013

DP#20 (13/09/2013)

out of all the things on my list that needs to be settled, i was slightly more excited about the curtains. when we moved into the old house, it was just a 'cover the windows' exercise. we bought stuff off the shelves. some too long, some too short, some too light, some fell off after a week or two, some was never touched, some touched too much and was hanging by their threads, some i cut with scissors and had a nice shape at the bottom. but they did their job and i left them alone.

this time, i wanted it to be good. i surveyed a few places but at the end was just too exhausted to mix and match from several shops and went to the one closest to the house. i had what i wanted in mind and made a really long list, edited a few hundred times. when i went to the shop, i was prepared. but then they opened their books of samples. then my eyes almost fell out of their sockets and i chose every single material with flowers that they had.

i was jumping with glee until i went home and digested my choices. goodness...what had i done! there were flowers everywhere. living, dining, tv rooms, halls, my room. in all colours. red, blue, green, yellow, purple. i called the shop and told them that i need to re-think about the choices. so again, i edited my list. i went over and said...ok, no more flowers, lets just be simple and decide slowly.

the bedrooms were settled first. same plain coloured materials for all the rooms but different rooms were of different colour. bedrooms were blue, playroom was red, family room was greenish (because i purchased the sofa the week before), guest room was maroon. there...settled the whole of upstairs in one go.

i also settled some other rooms. i wanted yellow based blinds for windows in front of the stairs, both upstairs and downstairs. i wanted small flowers for the kitchen.

so only the living, dining and tv room were pending. i slept on them for a bit and came back about two weeks later for them. i knew i wanted thick ones for the tv room as it faced the evening sunlight. because i chose flowers and checks for the sofa, i decided on plain curtains but to give it a more classy look, i chose two contrasting colours, both to match the sofa. asyraf absolutely loved the curtains, he couldnt stop looking at them. i knew i made the right choice because asyraf isnt into these things.

for the dining, since its somewhat connected to the tv room, i chose a lighter material with similar colours as the tv room curtains.

the living room curtain was decided by ariff. he wanted red and the shop found a good material which had red and brown to match the sofa and a bit of blue to match the material i chose for the wing chairs.

the shop was really good. they spent a day to fix the rods, another day to fix the first batch of curtains and about a couple of hours on a third day to fix the second batch and send over the reupholstered chairs. they worked clean and fast. they delivered all the items way before the dates they promised. and they were good to put my thoughts into material.

DP#19 (12/09/2013)

the unfinished room is on the road to being settled. the living room and downstairs tv room finally has got the reupholstered chairs / sofas sent about two weeks ago.

final(ish) look of the living room...

and the tv hall...

so now, almost all the rooms are there. still pending the guest room slash gym (but that's really the last that i'll be doing) and the wet kitchen (which has commenced but not quite there yet). soon, insyaAllah, all will be settled.

DP#18 (07/09/2013)

after almost four months of work, i'm so glad that we're almost (almost because it'll never be 100% complete at any time, will it?) somewhat pretty much done. some parts are there, some are waiting for some bits and bobs, some are just waiting for me to do something (which i am procrastinating!)

generally the boys' bedroom and the playroom are settled.

the dry kitchen is pretty much there (though still scattered with boxes meant for the wet kitchen).

dining and family room are waiting for rugs and carpets.

the living, master bedroom and tv room are pending reupholstered sofas. there's also the living room curtains which was chosen at the very last minute.

the wet kitchen has not even started and the guest room slash gym is a bit of a hanging project. a bit more, a bit more...


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