Monday, July 08, 2013

SFA Football Tournament

SFA (which stand for subadron football academy) organised a football tournament for a few academies around the klang valley. they had a premier league for the ones who excel in and are keen on football and a super league for those who want to play for fun. this way, everyone in each academy would have the opportunity to play, not just the selected few.

MBJ United, the football academy which amir & asyraf attend on weekends participated in the tournament. amir was chosen to play in the premier league for the under8 group while asyraf would be playing in the super league for the same group. they were, obviously, very excited and could not stop talking about the tournament for days before it actually began.

the u8 groups begin their game on saturday at 6pm. those in the older group started earlier. when we got to the field, it was already packed with players, officials, parents and other family members.

amir & asyraf's games were at fields A & B, closest to the car park and entrance and the surau (yeay!) the boys were first asked to sit in their groups and listen to the coach giving pep-talk and explaining the playing format and the player's position. amir would be playing left back, which he was pretty upset about, he's an attacking player and cant easily play in other positions. asyraf was chosen to be the striker (huh surprise?).

amir played his games a bit uncomfortably but he efficiently cleared the ball. he was asked to come in and out during the course of the games. he played all three games, where they drew two and lost one.

asyraf was appointed captain and was running around everywhere. he took corners and throw ins, he defended, he attacked, he won the ball. and of course he almost got into a fight during his second game. they were supposed to play three games but ended up playing only two, both of which they won.

the tournament took a breather for maghrib, before continuing well into the night, ending with a game for the fathers. we wanted to leave earlier, akmal even fell asleep on the bleachers but the boys wanted to wait for the medal ceremony. the boys had loads of fun and it was precious seeing them with their medals that we can overlook that it was way past midnight.

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