Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadhan Day 7

alhamdulillah, we are almost at the first quarter of ramadhan. how time flies, masyaallah. sahur is getting to be a hectic affair at home. used to be a quiet sahur for me and hubby and then us and amir, then asyraf joined in although only a few times last year. this year with three boys at the table, its no longer quiet. there's not even enough seat for the five of us and i usually end up eating standing, unfortunately.

the boys have been pretty positive about fasting. amir's the veteran but still the one who whines the most. he would be saying how his friend pushed him so he must eat, how his chest hurts so he must eat even though he'd be playing football three minutes after that, he watches the clock like a hawk and doesn't stop asking how long more.

asyraf's taking it in his stride. he acts as though fasting is a daily occurrence. he would find things to do to fill his time, be it reading the quran, watching tv, playing with the phone, taking naps. he's pretty easy. ariff's been good for a first-timer who munches a lot of a regular basis. he had a slight incident where he ate a pack of mango jelly he made in his cooking class but he felt really bad after and said he'd never do it again. he doesn't complain much and prolly the only difficulty he has is getting up at 5am. what i'm loving the most is how they try not miss their solat, alhamdulillah. let's hope they continue the positive attitude towards fasting.

for the past week, i've been preparing rice and simple accompanying dishes for sahur. for iftar we usually buy. we don't break our fast with white rice and prefer laksa or nasi kerabu or nasi lemak or mihun soup with 2-3 types of kuih. very simple and quick. of course after they perform the maghrib prayers, they would come back to the kitchen asking for cereal.

sahur so far... i prepared, one i was invited to

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