Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadhan Day 16

we have passed half the month of Ramadhan. alhamdulillah, it has been good for the boys. but somehow it was different from the first quarter.

the days that follow the earlier post, the boys started to slack in their fast. amir got better actually, no more whining. asyraf had a couple of days off where he was moody and tired, maybe from the 5am wake up call. ariff started to get coughs and flu and i asked him not to fast. he only agreed to a day of rest. a few days after that he said he wanted another day off, he did look a bit worn off the day before, except when he was holding a broom.

our food also seem to have hit a snag. it was getting a bit difficult to get the boys to sahur with rice. they opted for cereal and bread. so i haven't been cooking. for iftar, they couldn't seem to make up their minds. cooking is not an option because we dont break fast with white rice. i suggested other dishes - baked pasta, lasagna, roasted chicken, salmon, salad but all were shot down. they just wanted kuih, something slightly heavy and then cereal. hubby had headaches everyday trying to figure out what to get for the boys. for us it was easy, nasi kerabu and laksam for hubby and my trusty laksa (we have been having the same for the past 7-8 years!)

so a couple of days ago, hubby decided...enough headache, enough wastage. nasi kerabu and just two types of kuih to be shared. and i'll prepare rice again for sahur starting tomorrow.

we have only had our break fast outside twice this year, not including iftars with extended families, just the six of us. we had buffet at a nearby iranian restaurant. good as the place is, it was seriously not worth it for iftar. the food were too heavy and we were only able to consume a plate each, not worth the price we paid.

yesterday was much better. hubby suggested japanese for buffet and japanese is always a hit with the family. paid much more than the iranian buffet but much more worth it when the boys polished up everything.

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