Friday, June 28, 2013

Away Day

hubby was outstation earlier this week. because schools were closed on both days that hubby was away, i decided to bring the boys for an overnight stay somewhere. i surfed the booking website and decided on traders - close to klcc and it had an indoor pool. the boys have been cooped up for three days due to the haze, so a dip in the pool would be good for them.

so off we went. i packed a small bag, they didn't realise i brought a bag to the car. they thought we were going to tssc's house. the slept the moment we got in the car. did not wake up during the many stops on the packed road from home to klcc, did not wake up when i drove through the mcd outlet nearby, did not wake up until i parked the car at klconvex.

to say they were excited would be an understatement. they loved that they were in a hotel, they loved that they were out of the house, they loved that they can play in the tub (they wanted the pool but hubby said no! to them).

they were well-behaved initially, i brought their toys, books and colours. a little bit after that they started to get restless and wanted to jump here and there. luckily it was almost 7pm so i put all of them in the tub for about an hour while waiting for room service to send up our dinner. i ordered pasta & fried rice for them and beef tenderloin from the kids menu for myself. food came with 3 glasses of orange juice, which i took 2 and gave 1 to ariff. the boys had choc choco chocolate for dessert.

surprisingly that one hour in the tub made them quite tired and they were all down by 9.30pm.

the next morning we went to level 2 for a quick breakfast with some warga K. they loved the buggy ride from traders to klcc. i wanted to walk back but they wanted to ride the buggy again. when we got to the room, they had another dip in the tub and we left for home just after 11am.

i like the hotel. the staff were friendly, especially the buggy driver and the girl who checked us out. food was ok too - the beef tenderloin was especially yummers. another trip when hubby's around. could take the boys to the klcc pool too...

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Puan nOLie said...

hehehhe gambar paling best gambar ariff tido nganga sambil pelok fun fries hehehehe tuh kalau sumbat fun fries tuh gerenti dier kunyah heheh


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