Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Favourites

one saturday morning, when the boys were bored and the parents were lost as how to entertain them, we scribbled a couple of things (which became longer and longer) for them to think about and write down. you know your children like so many things but to pinpoint what they like 'the best' is not easy. this exercise was a way for them to remember, think, decide and a way for us to know them better.

amir came up with this...

food: mihun
drink: plain water
cartoon: oggy
movie: harry potter 8 (aka harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2)
superhero: hawkeye & batman
colour: blue
subject: pendidikan kesihatan
song: tonight (aka we are young by fun)
cookie: chips more
football player: rooney
game: football (aka fifa on his PSP)
holiday: london
book: lemony snicker
car: dugati (he said he prefers bikes to cars)
past time: reading
football team: manchester united
animal: shark
place: hotel

while asyraf decided on this...

food: mushroom soup
drink: 100 plus
cartoon: avengers
movie: the hobbit
superhero: hulk & spiderman
colour: red
subject: english
song: oppa gangnam style (he initially wrote twinkle twinkle little star, and we were like...oh come on!)
cookie: rainbow
football player: robin van persie
game: football fifa 12 (because rvp was still with arsenal)
holiday: london
book: finding nemo
car: bugatti veyron
past time: play
football team: arsenal
animal: tiger
place: school

they actually had fun thinking about what they like and were excited to show us what they wrote. and we liked knowing a bit more about them...

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Anonymous said...

wow!!!! best best (Uncle Andy)


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