Friday, January 18, 2013


i'm thankful that i seldom have nap problems with the boys. sleeping at night, yes...i have faced difficulties with that. asyraf's ability to stay awake and cry most nights back in 2007 was scary. the boys' tantrum, dips in health and mood swings when they were not well were moments i'd rather not remember.

but aside from those 'everyone have them' sleepless nights, they are pretty alright when it comes to naps. i credit this to sending them to daycare. they had scheduled naps at 1-3pm everyday and we follow suit when they're at home during on weekends but change it to 2-4pm or 3-5pm. we make plans around their sleeping time and if we were to go out, we would make sure we come back in time.

nowadays, amir & asyraf seldom take afternoon naps. we don't force them anymore because they don't seem to need them. plus, if they don't take naps during the day, they would fall asleep easier at night. so on weekends, they usually have quiet time while ariff & akmal take their naps.

on weekdays, however, this young man who stays with me after his school ends, is a joy to take care of because he hardly misses his afternoon naps. he's usually out by 2 and would wake up by 430, sometimes sleeping all the way to 5. he's a scheduled boy every since he was a baby (4-hourly milk time on the dot!). he would usually fall asleep in the car on the way back from sending his brothers to school. he can be talking or eating or playing the PSPs in the car but once we hit a certain place, i will look at him in the rearview mirror and, he never disappoints me, he'll be fast asleep. every single day without fail.

of course, this discourages me from going out during the afternoon but there's no way i can go out anyway, not with the elder two going to school by 130pm and ariff needs to be picked up a couple of hours after that. i usually spend the time folding the clothes, going through the boys' SRA bags, preparing dinner, clearing the kitchen, there's always something to do.

akmal napping with his baby jaguar every afternoon...

the boys on weekends...

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