Monday, January 07, 2013

Back to School 2013

the day i've been waiting for for 7 weeks has arrived. after spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the four boys, they are finally going back to school!

amir was extremely excited to enter Year 2, asyraf was stressed out of his mind at the thought of 2 new schools, ariff was at his normal no-feel self (according to him he's been at the school for a whole year so there nothing new!) and akmal refused to move into a new class.

the weekend before school started the boys and i prepared their bags, shoes and uniform. i spoke to asyraf at great length of what to expect. hubby and i went through the schedules - who to send who, who to pick whom up, what happens when there's emergency etc.

come wednesday we were somewhat prepared. we sent ariff and akmal to bicdc first. we walked them to their classrooms, said bye and left. after 3 years, we're pretty confident of the teachers' capabilities. next was sra for amir & asyraf. since there was no news at all from sea during the school holidays, we thought we would be spending more time there as we didn't know which class asyraf would be in, what we need to pay, how much we would be payin, and such. and yes, we were there for almost 2 hours. we first had to find their classes. amir moved class, apparently because he scored in the top 85% in Year 1. after finding amir's class we went to look for asyraf's class. then we had to register & pay his fees. the queue of parents in each class was long. we finally left at 10am before showing asyraf a bit of the school.

after picking up akmal from bicdc and having a quick lunch, we went to skbj for asyraf's first day of school. we went out quite late thinking school started at 1.40pm so asyraf did not join the other children in the hall and had to go up to his class straight away. as they were having their recess at 3pm we opted to wait at the canteen along with many other parents. recess is a stressful time for me. i'm not able to trust asyraf yet, with his purchases and with his clumsiness. i dread the day he comes home with yellow and red-spotted uniform.

on the second day of school, we took time to see akmal & ariff at bicdc. we didn't have to but we just wanted them to not feel left out since everything was about asyraf this year. what can i say except that they were more than fine but at least we went to see them. we then went to see asyraf during recess at sra. amir was around to keep an eye on him, which was wonderful. we still had to wait at the canteen to see how asyraf was doing at skbj. he's still in his buying mood, he was buying almost everything at the canteen. i told him, as long as there's nothing with gravy and absolutely no ice cream!

the third day of school was a bit more relaxed. asyraf quickly adapted to the sra environment. not having too many students helped. he was also able to walk into skbj with amir (mainly because i had a massive migraine). hubby went to see him during recess and he was doing fine with his classmates (and classmate's mummies).

so far, he's been ok on his own today. he did ask me to come see him during recess but akmal was asleep and didn't want to wake up at all. i'll still drop by a couple of times this week and next, just to make sure he's getting on alright.

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