Friday, December 28, 2012

School Holidays 2012

alhamdulillah, we're almost at the end of the holidays. just another day then i can hang up the rotan, the hangers, rest my voice somewhat and take it easy on the panadols. the 7 weeks passed by quickly but at times, not quick enough.

i saw quite a few buntings and banners around the neighbourhood on school holiday programmes but they mostly do not suit the boys, particularly age wise. most cater for 7 years and above, and i do not want to send amir alone. it should, at least, cater to children 5 years and above, for me to consider.

thanks to bicdc, the boys were able to join a holiday programme for a week. the timing was just perfect because the SK bookshop opened on the same week, so i had time buy and wrap amir & asyraf's books. they came back bearing many, many arts & crafts and a new-found love for dinosaurs.
(pictures courtesy of bicdc teachers)

the boys also went to a cooking class at teacher hanifah's house. i had a couple of days to run around settling the school uniform & sewing the school badges & name tags.
(pictures courtesy of bicdc teachers)

on weekends they had swimming lessons over at cahaya spk resort. the pool is seriously not great, they have a lot of cleaning to do but at least the boys have basic knowledge of swimming, after 10 lessons.

akmal did not join the swimming lessons and played by himself whenever he followed his abangs to the class.

next year i need to browse earlier for holiday programmes. i'm targeting to sent amir & asyraf to an english programme and hopefully the new mosque would have some activities the boys can join.

other than the programmes the boys attended, they mostly stayed at home. they would spend the morning playing and cycling at the porch or playing at the nearby playgrounds. after their shower they would watch the telly or play their PSPs. asyraf and ariff would take out their activity books and are able to move from one activity to another. amir, however, would either play his PSP or watch the telly. he gets bored quickly with both and starts disturbing his brothers which leads to me screaming and yelling. akmal and ariff would take their late afternoon naps and that's when the house is relatively quiet.

all in all its not that bad. i do wish amir would disturb and irritate everyone less but according to him, he doesn't know how to be nice *sigh*

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