Friday, December 14, 2012

Project 2: Bookshelves Cleaning

my measly 2 bookshelves! that's hardly a project. cleaning isn't difficult, choosing what to throw / shred / keep / recycle is a headache waiting to happen. and worse of all, most of the kept items aren't even mine. it they were mine, it'll be an easy option - throw! but its someone's else's. and to wait for him to find the time to go through everything is stressful. then i had to face the 'should i keep this?' question. come on...papers from your degree course, many moons ago, keep? you've got to be kidding me.

finally, after many many rounds of 'are you done yet?', i can finally proceed with my cleaning. most of the items were either thrown away or shredded. then i boxed up many loose items, filed important papers, stored greeting cards i found in a couple of drawers, gave away some trashy novels. all in all, it took roughly about a couple of days.

i even cleared up a shelf...good excuse to visit the BBW sale, if one would actually need an excuse...

very messy bookshelves before...

cleared but i still feel i can do more...

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