Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project 1: Wardrobe Clearing

this is a major project i set out to do once i stopped working. my wardrobe is bursting at its seam, filled with clothes i know i'd never wear again, clothes that date back 10 years, clothes so squashed they don't look like clothes anymore. hubby also wanted to clear out his closet seeing now he's lost those kgs and thinks all his clothes are too loose for someone as fit as him (*eyes rolling*). the boys closet too needs big reorganising and reshuffling.

because hubby & i made some changes to my schedule, i.e. canceling amir's transit therefore i would need to cook lunch and send him to school, my plans to clear the closets the whole day had to be cut. i wasn't too bothered as i planned to use up to 2 weeks for this project. mornings i would use to take out things we no longer need from everyone's closet & drawers, and afternoons would be the time to sit in front of the telly, while akmal takes his nap, and fold, box and label everything.

i was a bit surprised that it took me under 2 weeks to clear everything. we boxed up a lot of clothes used by the boys in daycare, lots of loose, maternity, working clothes, baby clothes akmal won't be wearing, old bedsheets and duvet covers, and put them all in the back room. insyaAllah, i'll be sending them to needy homes soon.

our very pregnant, ready to pop anytime, wardrobe (ooppps ada baju K...saya rindu!!)

the back room, while waiting for boxes to arrive...

boxes at the end of the first week...

boxes and old suitcases at the end of the project...

items i didn't have the heart to give away (in such a horrible condition)...

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