Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Post Graduation Getaway

we thought of taking the boys for dinner to celebrate asyraf's graduation. since hubby had his run right in town, around MATIC area, we decided to have the dinner in town and make it a night away from home. the nearest (and most affordable) was concorde hotel. dinner at HRC nearby completed the plan. surprisingly the hotel room's pretty big and was recently refurbished, so it was a pretty good choice.

after sending hubby to KJ to take the train to the starting point of his run, i took asyraf for tea at kfc (this was also to buy time). then we went to damansara to pick up the other three and made our way to the city centre. i left damansara at 5pm and got to concorde at almost 7pm, with all the closed roads and diversions because of the run. there goes the reservation at HRC. when hubby finished his run and got to the room, it was almost 8pm so we decided to have dinner somewhere else.

we took the cab to pavilion, had dinner at friday's and walked around a bit. it was a bit of a hassle to get a cab to return to the hotel. all the drivers refused to use their meters and wanted to charge a flat $25 when it cost us $5 the previous journey. so we walked to the monorail station near lot 10 and took the train back. it was packed to the doors on a saturday night but the boys enjoyed the train ride.

the next morning, we got up late, had simple breakfast (as the spread wasn't too great) and took the boys for a dip in the pool.

nice overnight getaway and a good way to celebrate asyraf's graduation.

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