Wednesday, December 26, 2012


my change in career no doubt brings about changes in the boys' schedule. some we planned ahead, some were last minute changes.

we knew early on that asyraf & ariff would get to come home earlier than usual. they would, normally, had to wait until hubby picks them up, at times being the last to go home. as i'll be at home, they get to come home after they agama class everyday, though sometimes a bit late as akmal would be napping. they get to have their tea at home, biscuits, cakes, ice cream. then they watch the telly, play their PSPs, quite often they fall asleep on the couch. that bit was planned.

what we planned but was undecided on was akmal. i asked the teachers in bicdc, can i send him to school just for a month? they were, alhamdulillah, very accommodating. but we could not reach a decision. i had a week at home before october starts so we contemplated during that week whether to send akmal. finally we decided to send him to the three year old class. it was difficult initially. i had to send him to class everyday, then he would cry out as i was leaving. but the teachers were wonderful and he quickly adapted. he became close to his teachers quite fast. i heard that his two brothers would visit his class a few times a day. ariff brought his friends to see 'adik kita' while asyraf's friends would ask him 'kenapa selalu tengok adik?'

bye bye & thank you tis...

hello bicdc...

what we did not plan at all and came to a decision within a couple of hours was amir's transit. hubby decided in a split second to stop sending amir to transit between SRA and SK. i actually was very surprised. not that its a big change but i did make plans for lunch, i could take akmal or send him to damansara. but with amir coming home for the 2 hours, i had to cancel quite a lot of lunch dates. not a big deal for me but it was a big deal for amir. he was much happier. for a whole month he would climb down the school van when it stops at the gate and scream 'mummyyyyy'. i thought he would get over it after a week or two but he kept it up until his last day of school, so i guess he really liked coming home for lunch. he also loved being chauffeured up to the school gates everyday (well, on days he wasn't late to school, at least, there were days i get caught up in housework i lose track of the time, sending amir 5-10 minutes late to school).

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