Thursday, December 27, 2012

Birthdays We Celebrated end 2012

our family celebrate most birthdays towards the end of the year. from september to april, we have at least one birthday a month.

ariff and hubby in october
i thought ariff was older, can't believe he's only 5. ariff was very excited to celebrate his birthday. maybe because amir & asyraf had a big party with their friends at home last year. but i made it clear to him before his birthday, that we'll only have a small cake-cutting in school and not at home. he was pretty ok about it, as long as there's a cake, he said.

i totally did not plan for his cake-cutting at all. i only grabbed a cake the night before at king's over at giant. favours for his friends were simple cookies and chocolates. that got me a big time nagging from ariff, who said his friends didn't want cookies, they wanted toys *sigh* ok ariff, i'll make it up to you next year...

hubby celebrated his birthday 11 days after ariff (8 days after me). as usual, we don't do much on our birthdays. we don't even exchange gifts, really. but the boys serenaded him (loudly) before he went to work that morning.

asyraf in november
every year, as ariff celebrates his birthday, i gain a set of twins. asyraf will only celebrate his a month and a half after ariff, so during that time they are the same age. that's as close to having twins as we can get.

asyraf's cake-cutting this year was a 'should we, shouldn't we' but when i found out that asyraf's school will only close a week after the national school holiday begins, i decided to go ahead. i got really nice favours from rafiqah's cmog (containing bookmarks, notebooks, pencils and some munchies) and a cake from helly.

asyraf had another celebration towards the end of the week, a barbaque dinner at damansara. he got himself an ice cream cake (more for hubby than him, though).

tssc in december
a good friend of tssc organised a surprised party for him on his 71st birthday. he booked a function room in klgcc, had some entertainment and called tssc's friends to join the family to celebrate tssc's 71st birthday.

the boys had a great time watching the dancers and listening to the singers. it was a really good night and tssc was clearly very surprised and extremely moved when he walked into the function room.

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