Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Asyraf's Graduation 2012

our second graduation ceremony in 2 years, alhamdulillah. this year the school wanted to do something different, they had the ceremony at a club during tea time. the ceremony was opened to other family members, maybe because even though only parents were invited last year, family members came as well.

the ceremony was nice. the hall was nicely decorated (kudos to the teachers). asyraf's black pearl classmates, kishen and sarah jasmine, started the ceremony with a welcoming speech, after en badri's opening remarks. then the graduation classes walked in one by one from the back. it was a nice way for parents to see their child all decked in robes and mortar boards. hms bounty, asyraf's class, was the second class to receive their scrolls.

to top the event, all graduates went up the stage to sing together. all in all, it was a short and sweet ceremony. the children looked wonderful. we had to leave early because hubby had a run that evening but managed to get some photos of asyraf and his friends before they took off their robes.

congratulations to abang, engku asyraf izzuddin. you have made us extremely proud. it was a joy watching you grow and learn and absorb everything around you and we hope you will continue to amaze us.

the hall and graduation photos

the graduation ceremony

asyraf and his friends

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