Friday, December 21, 2012

Annual Concert 2012

the week after asyraf's graduation was the school's annual concert. i was looking forward to this concert (even though i have attended 11 of the boys' concerts before). mainly because three of the boys will be participating, akmal getting in on the act when he tiba-tiba joined bicdc earlier in the month! i was also excited to see ariff on stage purely because he was excited to perform. and asyraf! asyraf had a big role for the concert - he was to give the opening speech, he was in the pre-3 play, he was the tukang karut for his class, he also led the pre-3 classes performing their final number (so that's what he was trying to tell us!).

the event started with en badri's speech followed by the welcoming speech from three students, nuha & asyraf doing the english version and damia doing the malay version. then the pre-3 students performed 'snow white and the seven dwarfs'. it was wonderful watching them perform and teacher aniza who narrated the drama was just excellent.

after the drama, each class went up the stage to perform what they have practiced for over a month. first up was the babies of bicdc from columbus.

ariff and his black pearl classmates performed 'move like jagger' (which teacher zaza had booked since last year!) and 'rumour has it'. ariff blew me away, shaking his bootie on stage like that!

asyraf came out all shy and looking at his feet, being the tukang karut for his class' dikir barat then performing 'shy guy' with his bounty classmates.

to cap the event, the pre-3 students (teachers and parents were invited on stage after that) performed 'boom boom mama' which was wonderful.

the boys had loads of fun. i was especially proud of asyraf who performed wonderfully in his last bicdc concert.

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