Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Is It...For Now

after a week of googling for a good template - my previous ones were too "baby boy"ish, i.e. blue, cartoony - i finally found one that i like. i see a lot of really nice premade ones on the net but there's always something that's just not quite right. either too squashed up, or the picture can be better, or not enough column, or the colour's not it.

then i landed on this. i like the colour, i like the picture of the lady cooking, i like the compartments around the posts, and there's exactly 4 spaces at the bottom of the page for my four boys.

so i'll keep this...for now. maybe i should change the pizza picture, preferably before next Ramadhan.

next up...posts!!


acik said...

Asyraf ke yg gambar kat side bar tu??hensemmmm nye kak. up satu gambar dia. dah besar sangat..nampak matured pleaseee *gatall* hahahaha

eiseai said...

Hahahaha....ok first entry nanti gambar2 diorg


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