Friday, November 23, 2012

A Whole New World

looking at the blog posting page after...what...a year? i can't remember when's my last entry. i know it was about akmal and probably the one before was about amir & asyraf's party. gosh...that was a year ago! posting looks easier...hence there should not be any excuse for lack of updates, is there?

i wanted to do a record...a record of least posts in a year, that is zero! but ah, KPI is not met.

i actually went to a couple of website hosting sites, to get a dot-com site for myself. but i didn't realize what it would take after payment was made. making payment was not easy, it cost hundreds! then to build and maintain and that's not even the posting. so i cancelled both and went back to good ol' blogspot. unless i can get a good samaritan out there who could do a dot-com site with 10% of what i paid, then that's another story.

for now, i'm changing the template...looking for a nice looking one, then i'll start posting and updating again.

p/s it feels real good to type! and on a macbook pro at that...hah!

1 comment:

ninie said...

wahhh....lm tunggu sis updates. At last! Welcome back.


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