Monday, November 21, 2011

Amir's 6th and Asyraf's 5th Birthday Party

this party is a combination of amir's 6th and asyraf's 5th. i have always wanted to do a party when the boys turn 6. sort of a celebration with their kindy friends before they part ways to go to primary school.

amir's birthday was during the first week of school, not so nice to have a party at the beginning of a school year when you hardly know anyone. while asyraf's birthday this year falls on the first weekend of school holidays, even though his would be great to celebrate in school, being so late in the year. so i decided to combine theirs and have one at home with their friends. after a year in school, they would have made many close friends and it would be great to celebrate with them.

so i started planning, asking the boys what they wanted as their theme, looking for food for children, looking for entertainment (i didnt want clowns) and of course, my favourite, party favours. i'm very particular about favours, i'm not one who buys a party bag or party container and just shove chocolates and sweets and lollies. i know kids love something to munch so i usually choose wafers or, for this party, chocolate chip cookies.

for the container itself, i was torn between small backpack and pencil case and finally decided on cups like we gave out during akmal's birthday. would be a good gift for children and adult. for food, i wanted simple fast food like kfc or mcd. kfc doesnt do small events unless you purchase buckets and barrels, ala carte, and i saw that mcd had a party to go set, where not only food and drinks were included, they also had entertainers at a very reasonable cost. we added pizza for the adults. cake of course, was from helly. she outdone herself yet again. lovely cars cake with the number 5 & 6 as tracks.

and theme, the most important choice to make, was decided by the birthday boys. it was between toy story and cars and their individual favourites - spiderman by asyraf, harry potter by amir. we went through what available online and finally decided on cars. it was a good choice too, vibrant colours, many choices of things online and, coincidently, matches the happy meal boxes of mcd. mcd gave out party packs too, so with my favours, the mcd party packs and the toy in the mcd happy meals, the children went home with 3 things.

the boys were excited to invite their friends - for their first birthday, it was more of daddy & mummy's friends. they brought the invitation cards everywhere, reminding their friends to get 'mak awak telefon mak saya'. deco were simple; just balloons, banners and table cloth to colour up the place. we didnt do anything for the insides.

all in all, on the day, everything went well. food were just nice, not to many leftovers. cake was great. deco was lovely. party favours too, was just the right amount. the guests and their parents were sporting. and to top it of, the weather was lovely, alhamdulillah.

the boys had a wonderful time, the planning put in was well worth it. cant wait for the next party, in, maybe, 2 years time. this time for ariff & akmal.

the invite, the deco and the favour...

cake cutting...

food galore...feels like kindy...

the guests...

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