Thursday, October 13, 2011

Year-End Exam

i get very excited when the boys get their report card & exam papers back. more often than not, its because i dont know beforehand that they had sat for their exam. sometimes i do know and wish them all the best. sometimes, it escapes my attention and i only know when its over and results are out.

i know some people go, dont put too much pressure on them, they are only kids, when they see i update my status about their exams. what pressure?? its just a good luck wish. its not as though i sit with them throughout the night burning the midnight oil. there's not a thing to do to prepare them. their exams arent mind-boggling or exhausting, its just a part of the curriculum. a simple 5 questions for those in akmal's school (get it...5 questions!) and a 2-3 pager for those in ariff's school. they probably sit through it a mere 2 miuntes a paper.

yes i get excited about it. why not? its something that i can measure how much the boys have developed. i wouldnt put too much emphasis on it and carve out their future based on their results, but yeah, its something i do look forward to. not only me, the boys like it as well. they come home with pride showing off their results and their report card. and, again, why not? i really think some people are too narrow minded. the word 'exam' and 'kindy' get their panties in a knot when what they should have done is ask (because they clearly do not know) what actually do they do during an exam.

anywho...the final exam for the year was good. really good in fact for akmal. a bit of a so-so for ariff but its ok. i must remember not to compare him with amir and asyraf but he's getting there.

akmal's exam papers...

and his report card. congrats adik baby akmal izzat...

ariff's papers (some bad but some really good)

and his report card ('banyak bermain...' no surprise there!)

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