Friday, October 07, 2011

Neonatal Teeth

amir is one of the lucky few babies who had teeth while he was very young. it was not obvious and not so 'in your face' the moment he was delivered. we found out about his tooth when he was about a week old. it was actually still in his gums but the whiteness of the tooth can already seen. we thought it was milk, at first and were busy scrubbing the spot. a couple of day after that, the tooth made its appearance.

we left it, the tooth that is, aside and didnt bother much with it. the teeth around it started sprouting. when we brought amir to see our dentist for the first time when he turned three, we asked about it. the doctor said its not common and usually its extracted as its not 'real' tooth & is often shaky. but she left amir's alone as its still standing strong after 3 years.

amir at 5 months old, already with 2 teeth. i couldnt find an earlier picture of him.

when amir turned 6, i was already anticipating his milk teeth would start dropping. he finally announced one tooth was shaky and surprise, surprise, its the tooth he was born with. he showed me before going off to sleep and when i had a closer look the next day, i could see that the permanent tooth was already there, behind the milk teeth. i told amir and amir, being the kecoh boy he is, immediately wanted to go see the dentist to extract his milk teeth. 'mummy, amir tak suka gigi macam ni', he told me. unfortunately the dentist was closed.

when he finally went to the dentist, the tooth was extracted and he came home feeling like a big boy. it doesnt look like he had a tooth extracted as the empty spot was filled with the parmenant tooth, which has grown halfway.

after the extraction.

before and after...

it was kinda sad to say good bye to the tooth which was with amir for almost 6 years and 9 months. the tooth that made many think we were joking but there you go, guess we're one of the lucky parents of babies with neonatal, apparently 1 in 700 babies.

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