Friday, October 07, 2011

Mongolian Spots

previously it was neonatal teeth, now its mongolian spots. the only difference is with mongolian spots, all my boys have them. from amir right down to akmal. apparently i have them too but well, thats another story altogether.

"the Mongolian spot is a congenital developmental condition exclusively involving the skin. The blue colour is caused by melanocytes, melanin-containing cells, that are deep under the skin. Usually, as multiple spots or one large patch, it covers one or more of the lumbosacral area (lower back), the buttocks, flanks, and shoulders. It results from the entrapment of melanocytes in the lower half to two-thirds of the dermis during their migration from the neural crest to the epidermis during embryonic development" -






ZuNas77 said...

Hahahaha...I ingat lagi masa 1st time nas join bdk2 ni kt swimming pool-shangri-la putrajaya.

Dia terkejut gila tgk biru2 ni semua..I terus ckp..jgn ingat salina dgn syam dera anak plak eh...hahaha

eiseai said...

hahaha ye ke?? kalau ckp i dera, sure dia kurung arsyad mlm tu hehehe


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