Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ariff is Four

lets not start on a negative point. at four, ariff is showing interest in baking, he loves to clean, he likes colour coding, he slowly starting to get used to handheld games (its a plus point when your elder brothers are into them, so that you're not left out), he's very tidy, he likes things well-kept.

he's been tough to handle this year. from my observation, its because he's separated from amir & asyraf. the three of them have always been very close. they are a year apart (from now until end of november, ariff & asyraf are the same age!), their developments almost mirror each other and when ariff's all excited to be in the same school as his brothers, they are all of the sudden taken away and sent to another school. they have their own friends, their own teachers, their own schedule. ariff feels a bit out of place, i think, which leads to his difficult stage.

but he's been slightly better the past month or so. we've mentioned many, many times that he'll be in bahtera ilmu next year and he needs to buck up. he's showing a bit of interest in books and reading. hopefully he'll continue progressing and be less of a whining & stubborn boy, amin.

for ariff's birthday, we took the boys out to sunway lagoon. it cost a bomb, especially since we didnt plan on staying very long. we thought at most we'd stay til lunchtime. the weather was good too. after raining for days on end, it was sunny saturday morning, cloud coming in steadily towards lunchtime. it rained just as we were changing and leaving.

we had a quick lunch at carl's jr before the boys hinting that 'when we get home, we need to sleep, kan mummy'. in other words, mummy, we're sleepy. dropped by helly's house to get ariff's cake. helly is such a blessing. took up my very last minute order. i've ordered with her, what 5 times now?

pappy invited himself for dinner that night. we were actually supposed to go for dinner but tok & nenny had a wedding so we had to cancel. pappy said since dinner was off, he'd come over with presents. then he ordered tacos so i had to make tacos. tiza & tisu came as well. ariff was happy, excitedly showing off his cake. glad he had a great time because next month it would be a double celebration for amir and asyraf and i dont want him to feel left out.

on that note, happy birthday ariff iqhwan @ abang adik...

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