Friday, October 14, 2011

Amir's Notes

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amir always brings home notes from school. ever since he can write and since we complimented him on his handwriting.

i kind of like this one. amir would write like he speaks, which is a lot (ie he talks a lot). if there's no space he'd write sesuka hati where there's empty space.

"nah kita bagi mummy dengan daddy dengan tisu dan tiza"

"ni kita bagi dekat mummy daddy" complete with an angry bird picture

"ni kita bagi tiza dan tisu"

"ni amir buat" & "dia nak pukul daddy tenatedeng ni lah ialah amir saya ada won (ie wand - harry potter's wand)"

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ZuNas77 said...

Amir..cantiknya handwriting amir...and seriously i rasa u je yg paham apa dia nak tulis Salina..hehehe...


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