Sunday, October 23, 2011

Amir's Graduation 2011

a major milestone for us indeed. the end of pre-school and soon, the beginning of primary school for our eldest. we made the right choice of transfering amir and asyraf to a kindy near their primary school. amir's made friends with many who will be in the same primary school with him, which is comforting as moving to primary school is not a small matter to them. now he (and the mummy) is less worried about starting primary school. he says most of his friends would be in the same school with him.

i like the fact that the school dedicated a day for the graduation and dont combine it with the year-end concert. at least the audience would be parents of children in pre-3 classes. or so that was the plan. who actually came was a different matter (still so angry at some people's stubborness and refusal to respect the school's request).

the ceremony was short and sweet. started with a speech from en badri, followed by the conferring of certificates to 5 pre-3 classes. amir's class queen elizabeth was the third to go on stage, by that time most parents of the first 2 classes have left the hall so we were able to move closer to the stage.

congratulations to abang long, engku amir iskandar. you have done us proud and hope you will always strive to do the best that you can, in any field that you choose, amin.


AdanyaKauUntukku said...

dah graduate pun
alieyah je tak tahu bila graduate
bila test ngan exam pun tak tahu..ha ha ha

Fadz said...

awww congrats abang long!


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