Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late Mid Year Report

this is so overdue. i wanted to update about the boys, about their school, about their developments, in like forever, but i never seem to have the time. kinda sad when you let work take over your life.

anyway, back to my favourite topic - my eais. how they've grown. i was just thinking this morning (and a few times when i see hypermarket ads) that, wow...they dont drink formula anymore. akmal's not even 2 & a half (he'll be that next month) and we're not making formulas anymore! ahhh happy, happy, joy, joy. kinda nice when people talk about how they have to get up for feeding or stop when they're out and about for feeding, that i can, what ever for? soon we'll be chucking out the diapers but the effect wont be as great as toilet breaks need to be increased but formula, no diapers, wonderful.

amir & asyraf are thriving at their new school. kinda makes me say, penat-penat je worry about them but who wouldnt worry. after 4 years at TIS, to uproot 2 and put in a new school, was a worrying time for me. they were worried too, i know. their faces on the first day of school showed it but they made friends, they got close to their teachers, they improved their english, they adjusted their timetable (ie cut down daytime naps) and now they absolutely love school.

another plus side is that amir is mentally preparing himself for primary school. he's been talking to his friends about their school next year. both amir & asyraf has shown so much improvement - amir's writing is absolutely wonderful, their spelling, the words they use, their reading are all excellent. they are both reading the old-school 'peter & jane' series - currently amir is reading 11a and asyraf is reading 7a. they take part in sports day, story telling competitions, science projects, spelling bees and soon it will their year-end concert.

the downside to this is the jealousy of ariff. he's been with his abangs for so long, previously in the taska while the abangs are in tadika. separate but together. they start the school together, end the school together, they go and come back together. now they are totally seprated - they wake up separately, they go to school separately, they have new friends that ariff dont know. this causes ariff to be moody and rough and downright irritating. he refuses to listen, he cries for no reason, he throws things, he deliberately go against everyone. i hope that he will change for the better once we enrol him in BiCDC next year. if not, then there's another underlying problem in him.

akmal too is getting rougher. he would say things like 'ni bukan awak punya', 'awak main sana lah' 'ini izzat punya lah'. his brothers entertain him. even though he has this tendency to be a bit rough, i'm not too worried as he tends to follow his brothers. and if amir & asyraf are ok (hopefully ariff will be better soon too), insyaallah akmal will be ok too. for now my hope is with the elder two to straighten out the younger two. but akmal, he's still the baby, still the manja one, still the one giving away hugs and kisses freely, still the one who wants to sleep in his mummy's arms. now that, i can wait to outgrow...unlike to formula and the diapers.

some current photos of them...

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comeilah baju mickey dioang tu..


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