Tuesday, August 23, 2011

He Writes

i am particular about writing. i hate messy writing. ok, fine, my writing may not always be the best but i blame it on the pen. when i use the right pen, my handwriting is pretty ok. having all boys scares me a bit in that region - handwriting. i'm a bit sceptical about boys' handwriting. in school its always the girls that write better. of course this would change as they grow older - i do know of guys with really nice writing.

amir, especially, stresses me out with his writing. i used to go insane helping him with his homework. the tails of his g, j and y would be above the line, he would change between capital and small letters in one word, his a and c and m are huge and hanging in mid-air. oh stress!

amir's teacher, mrs. jey, is particular about writing. she told hubby and me during one of the meetings with teachers that she would throw back a book to the student if their writing is messy. and now, because of her, i love amir's writing. its beautiful and so-not-boyish. i hope he maintains it when he enters primary school.

back in january...

as the months go by...

amir's writing now...

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